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  • 2017年考博英语作文23类热点话题的例句-关于经济发展、科技、网

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    该种别首要包孕:正当致富、 经济成长、 科技成长、 收集、 电子交通、 传媒、 动车。

      1、get rich by legal means; be entitled to wealth and prosperity; stimulate people into hard working; reduce the gap;

      2、help the poor with better opportunities; make big money illegally; make this society insecure

      收集利益:1、share individual viewpoints and insights; enable better and more efficient interpersonal communication;

      2、enjoy equal right t personal opinion; 收集坏处:1、reveal and spread rumors; occupy and waste net space; follow trend and fashion; ( help distinguish between right and wrong;

      2、offer proper guidance; check and restrict unhealthy content; create a clean and safe environment; mislead children by indecent content; indulge n violent act and aggressive behavior)[2017年考博英语作文23类暖点话题的例句:关于经济成长、科技、收集等]相干文章:

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